Understanding the Shopmium Icons

Offer Status

This means that you can get a sneak peak of the offer that will soon be available! 

The offer is running and available right now! 

Hurry up, this offer is almost over! 


Different Types of Offers

Beautiful word isn’t it? This means you can benefit from this offer multiple times. Go ahead treat yourself! If an offer doesn’t have this icon, it can only be redeemed once. Please read the terms and conditions of the offer to find out how many times an offer can be redeemed.

This is a special offer that can redirect you to another website or ask you to verify your email address in order to send you special promotions!

Every date and quantity are specified in the offer’s terms and conditions at the bottom of the offer page/window. Don’t forget to REFRESH the app when you’re on the home page. iPhone users, pull down on the offers list, android users, press the refresh button on the upper right-hand corner.