What happens when the price I paid is the same or lower than the offer?

Your cashback is the result of the difference between the price you paid for the product and the offer value.

If the price you paid is the same as the offer price, your cashback would be £0 and we would be unable to process your request. 

For example, if the offer is "Try Product X for £3" and you purchase the product for £3, your cashback would be £0 (£3 Price you paid - £3 Offer Price = £0 cashback). 

The same thing applies if the price you paid is lower than the offer value. As per the previous example, if you paid £2 for Product X and the offer is "Try Product X for £3”, then you managed to get the product cheaper (£2) than the offer price (£3). Again, we are unable to complete cashback requests for negative amounts.