What are Shopmium referral credits?

For every friend you refer, you will receive £4 worth of Shopmium referral credits, and your friends will receive a FREE referral offer on their app! When a friend you have referred successfully claims their first offer, you will earn £4 worth of Shopmium referral credits which will be applied to your future rebates. 

For example, if you purchase a product for £2 and the cashback offer is 50%, then your entitled cashback would be £1. If you have enough referral credits, the remaining £1 will be credited to your account from your referral credits and you will get the product for free (and a £2 cashback into your account). Your referral credits balance will then be £3 (£4-£1).

In a nutshell, we are rewarding your loyalty to our app by using your referral credits to top up our offers, so that the products you purchase will be free or a lot cheaper until your credits run out.